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When the new A-line train from the airport arrives at Union Station downtown, chances are that among the tourists arriving, there are lots of folks here to look for Denver jobs. They wont be disappointed. Unemployment is low, around 3 percent year-to-year for a while now, and while growth has slowed to around 2 percent, that still added 28,200 jobs in 2017.


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Do Denver Jobs Pay Enough to Live On?

Denver's housing market is hot, with home prices quickly rising out of reach for many young couples. Even though apartment construction is booming, rents are also high and moving higher. It's true that some workers, especially service workers, are finding that living in Denver on their income is challenging. A four-year degree is not the only ticket to a comfortable life in this city, though ?Äî from energy systems workers to medical technologists, there are plenty of jobs for which a high school diploma or associates degree is sufficient. Pay rates for many skilled positions are significantly higher than the national average in Denver. For example, the mean salary for medical assistants in Denver is $35,260, while the national average is $33,580.

In Some Areas, Employers will Train Potential Workers

In the construction industry and food handling, for example, employers and nonprofit organizations are working together to provide structured training for potential employees plus apprenticeships, career guidance, and job coaching. These programs help move more workers into fields where increasing demand

being experienced or projected and also ensure that workers are skilled and safety trained, avoiding a common problem that boom-time employment often experiences: falling hiring standards.

Big Growth in Denver Technology Jobs

Specialties such as cybersecurity are in high demand in Denver as the technology sector here is growing in many areas. Social media and marketing companies, internet-based services such as web design and image hosting, software as a service (SaaS) offerings and Internet of Things (IoT) development are putting out the call for experienced workers to create and develop quality software solutions.

Denver is leveraging its current success to expand the local economy with a building boom and a diversification of local businesses. Denver is also preparing to be a city that is a leader in the knowledge economy of the 21st century.

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